Vocals/Guitar - Erik Molarin

Lead Guitar - Jonas Strömberg

Bass/Vocals - Jörgen Ström 


Dark has started it’s journey into the abyss of gothrock. With great experience and songwriting talents given by the demons the material practically wrote itself.

Dark consists of ex-members from the gothic metal band Beseech, hard rock band The Mary Major and death metal band Skineater.

                                 OUR HISTORY

Dark was formed in the beginning of 2013 after their previous band The Mary Major 2006-2012, with members Lotta Höglin (ex Beseech 2000-2006) and Daniel Elofsson (ex Beseech 1999-2006), was put on ice.

Erik Molarin (ex Beseech 2001-2006), Jonas Strömberg (ex Beseech 1999-2006) and Jörgen Ström (ex Skineater 2011-2013) decided to keep making music together in a different shape than earlier.

The goal was to go back to the roots of gothic rock like it was in the 80`s with a modern recording technique. Almost two years was spent writing and recording songs not even thinking about playing live. Finally the concept, songs and band was ready to go official. Dark was launched to the public and the hunt for a record label could begin. Many was contacted and it was a bit of a struggle for a while. Finally an Italian label called Wormhole Death Records became the one to release the self titled debut album in september 2015.

The album received great reviews and have been frequently aired on radioshows around the globe. Unfortunately the band haven't been playing live as much as it should have.

On the other hand the urge to go out on the road is stronger than ever right now. And playing much more live is the next step on Darks agenda.

New songs are in the making for a second album at the moment and the band haven't been working harder than right now. Record labels, booking agencys and managements is being searched for and hopefully 2017 will be a very busy year for Dark.